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Welcome To Our Pubg Mobile Update Tracker! We Support All Official Pubg Update Notes And Will Break All New Features Added To The Hit Battle Royal Game For Android And Ios Phones And Tablets.

If You Are A Fan Of Playground Unknowns (And Are Roaming The Chicken Dinners), This Page Will Be Up-To-Date On All Map Updates, Balanced Changes, And Additions To Weapons And Armor. Bookmarks And More.

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Pub Update: The Latest Pub Mobile Update 0.15.5 Reviews
Release Date: November 8, 2019

Another Month, Another Pubg Mobile Update, And The Game’S Royal Pass Season 10 – Westland’S Fury Began. In This Latest Article, We Say Goodbye To The Awesome Shenanigans Of The Past Month And Hello To The New Uneven Apocalypse Theme!

An Exciting And Exciting Addition To The Latest Pubg Mobile Content Is The New Team Death Match Map, Called The Ruins. The New Map View Includes Ancient Ruins Overlooking The Middle Of A Lush Rainforest. It Looks Like There Will Be A Lot Of Maps And Cranes To Hide On This Map, So Queue Up The Camps.

Pubg Game

Players Can Immediately Pick Up A High New Fire Rate Smg And A New Anti-Dams Vehicle, And A New Engineer Role Is Coming Shortly. The Game Is Even Introducing A New Companion System That Allows Players To Use Falcon To Collect Content Themselves.

This Point Release Includes Other New Game Rewards And Integrations, So Be Sure To Check Out What Pubg Mobile Has To Offer!

Full Pubg Mobile Update 0.15.5 Note The Patch Patches.

Pubg Mobile Update History Pubg Mobile Update 0.15.0 Reviews
Release Date: October 16, 2019

Earlier This Year, The Pubg Team Introduced Dawn Mode To Survivors In Partnership With Rescue Evil 2. To This Day, Players Can Indulge In The New “Halo X” Theme Mode In The Spirit Of Halloween. Until The Latest Survivor, Don Mood Found A Drastic Change In “Halloween” Monsters, A New Enemy Human Gang, And Geo-War Equipment To Help Kill Zombies And Other Players.

Later This Month, A New Payload Mode Will Bring New Heavy Weapons, A Helicopter, Airstrikes, Teammates Recovery Mechanics, And More. Also, Take Drill Night Mode Offline Until Further Notice. Will Do

Pubg Updates

Some Of The Other New Features Include A New Lease Capturing Mechanic That Allows Players To Trap And Drill Fuel Drills, Previously Accessible Locations, New Land, And Pirate Car. There Are Four Types Of Graffiti To Update. Several Guns Have Also Been Developed, And The Desert Eagle Pistol Has Been Added To The Game.

Pubg Games

With This Update, The Team Has Improved Game Performance, Touch Controls, And Inventory Systems. Now It Runs Smoothly Even With The Use Of Low Power, Reducing The Possibility Of Heat In The Hands Of Consumers.

Full Pubg Mobile Update 0.15.0 Note Patch.

Pubg Mobile Update 0.14.5 Reviews

Pubg Corporation And Tencent Games Have Introduced A New Model In Pubg Mobile, As Players Can Now Play Team Deathmatch. 0.15.5 Content Update Launches November 8, Which Includes Some Bug Fixes And More, As You Can Read Below.

Also, On November 11, Players Meet With Falcon On Their “First Teammate.” An Animal That Spreads Its Wings On The Field And Can Be With Players. Also, A New Female Mechanic Role With The Ability To “Accelerate” Has Been Added, Which Is A Special Feature In The Eva Ground, Which Can Reduce Vehicle Damage When Driving Or Riding. Enjoy The Details As You Can Now Download Pubg Mobile Updates.

Credit: Tencent

New Weapons And Vehicles Will Be Introduced In The New Update, Especially In Wakanda. The New Mp5’S Portable Smg Is Demonstrating Fire And Outstanding Anti-Recoil Capabilities At 900 Rpm, While A New Car Will Allow Zima To Adopt A New Strategy As It Is Easier And Easier To Drive In The Icy Area. ۔ Did Not Hurt Is

Season System Includes Tire Protection For Platinum And Crown Tires
8-Day Reward
Availability Of Modified Arcade Mode
Improvements To The Team Recruiting Channel
Details Of The Tribe’S Status Were Added
Team Recommendations For Missions
Additional Game Improvements
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Pubg Updates

Release Date: September 12, 2019

It’s time for another Pubg Game update, and it’ll begin Season 9 with some new warrior-themed content and some harmony mission systems. Season 9 officially starts on September 12 (or starts September 13, depending on where you live), so you’ll have to wait a few hours to grab the new Royal Pass. ۔

These changes are expected in the next major PUBG update in October. Although you can win free travel to the Pub G Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 Fall Global Finals, be sure to log in. Read more about our experience at the previous World Finals if you need more incentives to attend an incredible mobile sports event.

Full Pubg Game Update 0.14.5 Patch Patch See patch here.

Pubg Game Update 0.14.0 reviews

Release Date: August 14, 2019

The August PUBG mobile update is here and with it a new zombie infection game mode. In it, there are two teams – the zombies and the guards – and the first one to come in. Only the guards have guns, but every defender who plays a zombie will add another player to their ranks.

In keeping with this season’s maritime theme, many new cosmetic items have been made available. Besides, daily mission rewards have also been improved, making it easier for players to open new things for free.

Tencent has not released an official patch note to update 0.14.0, but here are the most important changes:


Treasure Themes – A brand new theme for treasures, including a PUBG MOBILE Game main menu and game items to keep you in the summer.

Update Info

World Treasure Hunt. Today’s treasure-based update brings extraordinary game hunting with millions of dollars of pools. Players can collect gold, silver, and bronze masks to collect prizes.
Royale Pass Season 8 – Items from favorite fans of the past come together to earn and unlock players. Where
Daily Mission System Update. Each challenge in the game opens up upgraded rewards for the rare possibility of looting.
IOS Background Download – When downloading the APB, iOS players can keep BackBack Mobile as open as a background application.
Android Resource Extension Pack – Starting today, the Android installation package has greatly reduced in size and is rarely used in resource expansion packs as long as the game requires it.
What would you like to see in the future PUBG mobile updates? Let us know in the comments. See More

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