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PUBG Mobile is available for download 0.15.5 Update: New map, weapons, vehicle and more
The PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 update is now available for download worldwide and in Pubg India. The new PUBG mobile update team also brings Death Match. Ruins Map, Royal Pass Season 10, new weapons and vehicles, and a new character. PUBG Mobile players can download the latest updates on Android and iOS starting now.

Pubg India 0.15.5 is a game update that will be available when you open the app. The update is not too big and is about B 250 MB in size. Players who update PUBG Mobile to the latest version by November. 14 will receive 20 silver coins, 2,000 bp, and 1 Blue Glider Trail.

With Pubg India, 0.15.5 users will immediately receive a new map of the ruins. a special Weekender and Team Deathmatch format for MPK weapons. replacing the UAZ in Waikiki. ۔ Other features such as Royal Pass Season 10. Westland’s Fury will arrive on November 9. while new roles Sarah and the Falcon partner will arrive later. Let’s see what’s new with PUBG Mobile 0.15.5.

Pubg India

The ‘ruins’ are a special map for the team’s destruction at the Eva Ground. Here, in the rain forest, ancient ruins are hidden, and the map is filled with dense vegetation and winding paths.
The new machinery in PUBG Mobile is MP5K, a portable SMG that is exclusively on sale. This weapon will replace the vector. The MP5 offers 900 RPMs, anti-recoil capabilities, and a high base fire rate. It can also be equipped with all attachments. Wakanda is also getting a new car Zima that will replace the UAZ. Zima is easier to drive in the snow than other wheels.

You can note full patch notes for PUBG Mobile.

The PUBG Mobile Leak proposes a new role for women with unique abilities
A new female character is reportedly going to PUBG Mobile. According to a video posted by the famous tester Mr. Ghost Gaming. the game. PUBG Corporation. and Tencent Games developers plan to add a new female. the character named “Sarah” to the game.

If this is true, then Sarah will be the second character in the game after Vicar, who was added back in August. The leaked video also adds that the character will also have some abilities like Victor, which players can use in select game modes. The main benefit of Sarah is the ability to drive vehicles.

Pubg Leaks

Therefore, it is called ‘Vehicle Expert’, which means that if Sarah is on the driving seat, the vehicle will suffer less damage than other vehicles. The video also states that the perk can be scalable and players can unlock high levels to increase the effectiveness of the perk by playing with the character.

Reportedly, the new role will be available to play in all PUBG MOBile modes, however, players will only be able to use Perkin incremental modes. This means that if the vehicles are operating in a mode other than the ground, they will not be protected from damage.

In addition, the new female character, Sarah, is also expected to receive new voice messages, along with special outfits and enthusiasm. Mr. Ghost Gaming suggests that these associations and emotions can be played out.

As we already know, PUBG Mobile Season 10 is set to launch on November 9 with the latest version 0.15.5 update. The video says the new season will feature a new role in updates, outfits, weapons, vehicles, and themes as well as upcoming updates. However, so far, the developers have not yet confirmed anything about the new role.

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Pub Mobile Update brings 0.15.5 new TDM maps, Royal Pass season 10, new guns, vehicles and more
The new update for 0.15.5 will start on November 8.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.5 on November 8 is live today, and interested people can now launch the app and download it. It is important to download the update as different versions of the players will be unable to invite each other. When it comes to storage space, Updates for the new version will be available for 20 Silver, 2,000 BP and 1 Blue Glider trails between November 8 and 14.

The update brings with it Royal Pass Season 10: Westland Ridge, which brings a new set of prizes, with a better UI for Royal Pass. There is also a new Team Death Match Map called Khandrat. On the PUBG Mobile page, “A New TDM Special Map,” Ruins “Has Survived: Mysterious Ancient Ruins Hidden in the Rain Forest. With dense vegetation and winding paths, it’s up to the players to be the enemy. Or work together to build a stronger stronghold! ”

Pubg India

MP5K – Gamers have access to a new weapon. MP5 is a portable SMG that appears on weekends rather than vectors. It has a higher fire rate of 900 RPM. The MP5K‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’.  has a basic disadvantage of 33 and can be equipped with all attachments (tactical stocks, mugs, attachments, scopes, frigrips, and laser sites).

The new car Zima has replaced the UAZ in Wakandi and is specific to Wandi only. The official page of PUBG Mobile states, “Although Zima is more difficult to drive in the snow, it is easier to drive than a four-wheeler, which makes it more practical. I am slowly but at a loss. Resistance and maybe use As an alternative strategy, game changes and improvements are coming and you can see them on the official PUBG mobile page.

Pub G Mobile India Tour 2019: Cloud Esports wins top prize of Rs 5 lakh in Jaipur
The PBG Mobile India Tour 2019 will end in Kolkata on Sunday. Jaipur was avenged as a winner in the S-Ports final, which included 20 top squads from four regions of India. After winning the first position, the team won Rs 5 lakh.


SWFW is called “The Wonder: Longest Foot Travel.” One selected to win a cash prize of Rs 500,000 by winning 50,000: 8 Bit Gul Maxim MVPS Award. He won a cash prize of Rs 5,000. 50,000. 8 Bit Gill received an additional cash prize of Rs 50,000 on “Annihilator: Maximum Loss”. Headshot Expert: Most headshots were awarded a cash prize of Rs 50,000 to INSJOKER.

Revenue Esports won a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, “Exterminators: Maximum Squad Closed”.

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In 2019, the PUBG Mobile India Tour won the third position “Team INS”. Orange Rock took second position to win Rs 2 million.

E-Sports Emergency Emergency in the PBG Mobile India Tour 2019 Grand Finals
The Oppo Mobile Mobile India Tour (PMIT) has avenged its end with revenge revenge eSports, with revenge in the two-day grand final of 2019. It was the “edge of the seat” action at the Buswa Bangla Convention Center as the Top 20 squads from across India provided their excellent gameplay skills. In the final, there was stiff reaction from the fans of Pub Mobile and Sports who competed closely and avenged the victory of Revenge Sports, followed by the Orange Rocks and Temeins, who finished second and third respectively.

Pubg Mobile India

The best combination of both online events with regional finals in four parts of India, OPPOPMIT 2019 has been the country’s first multi-dimensional tournament. In four groups, four million players participated in the tournament, with more than a million games played. As a result, the heartbreaking grand final spanned two days, with the top 20 squads taking part in India’s biggest sports tournament.

The first day of the PMIT 2019 Grand Finals began with a lightning strike on all four maps. Orange Rock dominated the game in Round One, while Relay eSports won in the second round played in Miramar. The third-round team went in favor of the All-Stars in the Seahawks. With two more days remaining in the day, Rising Hydra ruled the fourth round of Wendy’s snowy landscape. Revenge eSports won the last match of the day played in Arizona, and topped the sports charts.

Pubg India Updates

Orange Rock once again doubled its enthusiasm on Day Two by successfully winning the sixth match of the Grand Final played at Eringel. The following round, which ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’. was played in Miramar, went to All-Stars, while the 8-bit rompage eliminated the rest of the team at Sunhawk. As the game’s rating changed, the atmosphere inside the field intensified. All the‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’.  stars of the team did something serious to win the weekend in the ninth match. Hydra won the final and decisive round played at Eringal.

In the team titles, revenge eSports was named ‘The Extremist’, with the squad having the maximum number of casualties. He also won the ‘Grenadiers’ honor mostly by squad grenades. A special People’s Choice Award was also given to the 8-bit crowd as voting is done on the basis of a favorite team of fans at the Pub Mobil Games. The popular team was given a gamification of Rs 6 lakh.

The Pub Mobil Mobile India Tour 2019 (PMIT), organized by OPPO, was the country’s largest effort to find India’s Pub Mobile Talent from all parts of India. Was. For the first time, the sports community in Kolkata had the opportunity to witness a tournament of this scale and stature.

Pubg Mobile

Oppeamt was a successful continuation of the 2019 Pub Mobile India Series (Final in Hyderabad), Pub Mobile Campus Championship (Final in Bangalore) and Pub Mobile Club Open (Regional Final in New Delhi), hosted by Pub GB. General Chat Chat Lounge The first few steps of mobile were to build a building. SpicePort, a platform for gaming enthusiasts in India

Only a few casters belonging to the sports community have enhanced the experience of the country’s largest esports event. English casting honors ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’. performed by Asurai, Alastredo, and The Experience, while 18 casting Hindi casting rationists, Karten, took an experimental concert with Ocean Pro. Together, these familiar names in the esports circuit are putting fans in full PMIT 2019. The sequel to the OPPMITE 2019 Grand Final, held on October 20, 20, can be viewed here.

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