Pubg Mobile New News And Update Size For Pc Lite

Pubg Mobile New

Pubg Mobile New

This update will come with a new payload mode (available soon after the new update goes live) and Dawn-Halloween mode unless the update is live.  Characters can jump in mid-air to reach previously inaccessible locations.

Other Additions: Dark Knight will be taken offline for further tuning. New vehicles like BRDM2 and helicopters have been added to make the journey more mobile. Expanded fuel drums are now in the game of trap.

As far as weapons are concerned, M16A4, vector, UMP45, and MK47 mutants have all been found. The famous Desert Eagle has also been included.

Performance has also improved: it now runs smoothly but uses less power and is, therefore, less likely to heat your device. The display of weapons and organization has been enhanced. Touch Control Scope is designed to minimize movement errors after opening. Room and inventory systems have also been improved.
And one more thing – graffiti is now available!
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Pubg Mobile New Update

Join our Halloween party!

Interesting payload mode is here!
Enjoy dead collaboration on the go!

1. What’s New?
Payload mode (coming soon)
Comes with new heavy weapons, retrieval systems, a helicopter, vehicle repair equipment,  ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ and super wrapped crates! Aerial strikes are also available!

[Team Companion Reminder]
Pick up the ID cards of the killed comrades and restore them to the communications tower!

[Payload weapons]
RPG7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Grenade Launcher, M134 Michigan.

[Aircraft: Helicopter]
Find helicopters and take them to war!

[Super Elephant Crate]
After 3 minutes it expands and activates regularly. It contains airdrop weapons, Lv. 3 coaches, payload weapons and more!
[Vehicle Repair Equipment]
Corrects vehicle damage and tires.
[Air strike beacon]
Demand for airstrikes

Pubg Mobile New News

Live till dawn
– Modified skybox, color, and background items. “Halloween “monsters.
– Added human enemy faction to Turkish enemy factories and fortresses. Defeat ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ them to give you better rewards.
– Killing zombies provides special combat equipment for combat, which is effective against zombies and other players.

New Features:

[Liege Grab]
– Climb between buildings and containers to reach  ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ previously inaccessible locations.
– Tap Jump, then jumps to the moderator again at the right time.

Pubg Mobile New Patch Notes 0.15.0

[Fuel drum]

When hit by bullets or thrills, fuel drums explode and damage nearby players. Available on all maps.

Pubg Mobile New Patch
New firearms and vehicles:

[Desert Eagle] (all maps)
– The maximum loss of all pistols and contact speed.
– 62 Deal of Loss. It can be linked to my red dot, holographic site, magazines,  ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ and laser site to improve shoulder-driven shooting.
– Fire .45 ACP dynamite. Pubg Mobile New All The default magazine fits 7 rounds (can fit up to 10).

Pubg Mobile New News
[BRDM-2 armored vehicle] (all maps)
– Flexible and capable of crossing water. Made of bulletproof tires
– Reduces damage.
– Flames can only be called with a gun. Replaces armored UAZs.

Pubg Mobile New Updates

– Pubg Mobile New Graffiti can fall on anything on the battlefield.
– There can be up to 4 types of warfare. Change the graffiti combo in the inventory menu.

Added a slot for Iger:
After the update, fans and face masks will not share the same slot. Eyelash masks can be equipped with a pair of spectators.

Official responses are included when players submit a report
– Players will receive a formal response after reporting violations in the game. This message ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ will be sent to a large number of recipients as soon as they are reviewed.

2. Improvement

– Initial reinforcement reduction in burst mode.
– Long range firing, minimal damage.
– Can be equipped with a strategy stock.
– Reduce the damage to the base from 34 to 31.
– Fire 9 mm ammunition. Pubg Mobile New Scope  ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ The scope of the base magazine has changed from 13/25 to 19/33.
– Renamed UMP9 to UMP45. Uses 0.45ACP dynamite.
– Base Magazine increased from 30/40 to 25/35. Initial shooting speed was reduced.
– Edit firing volume.
[MK47 Mutant]
Equipped with tactical stock.
[Affiliate Stability]
– Combined pistol and SMG attachment.
– Combined shot loop for shotguns, the One 94 and the Car 98K in one attachment.
– The pistol can be attached to a holographic site.


– Load, fixing loading issues for better combat experience
– Improved weapons logic for preventing turmoil as players watch
– Reduced CPU usage of the central thread to reduce the threshold.
– Improved graphics and simplicity on lower-end devices.

– Improved weapons / organization graphics and textures, modeling and lighting.
– Lights and shadows in the main menu.

– When the camel-controlling camel takes an action, the Joyce stick screen control feature is disabled. When the finger lifts.See More

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