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Season 9 will come with a 0.14.5 update and will unveil all Warrior theme content.
The update will launch on September 12th through the Google Play Store and App Store.
Pub Mobile 0.15.0 brings the latest payload mode vpad mode.
In the realm of pub mobiles, a lot is happening and many new things aren’t working right now. The leaked release on YouTube suggests new gameplay modes, including rocket launchers and helicopters, to make the classic Beetle Royal game more accessible to all players. There is talk of bringing new rewards and content to the new Season 9 Royal Pass. And now, the Pub Mobile team is ready to list some of these new updates in the coming days.

The pub mobile team has officially taken to its social media handle to announce the arrival of Ruby Pass Season 9, called Warriors United. Season 9 will come with a 0.14.5 update and will unveil all new content created by Fighters. Therefore, you can expect to see content such as warrior-themed costumes, ammunition and other items in the game. Additionally, in terms of rewards, the team made some changes.

News Patch

Players will see a page containing updated missions and rating pages on the new page. There will also be a countdown timer that triggers the new season. An upgraded Royal Pass custom sharing page will be included and a new weekly mission crate reminder will also be available. Development will accompany the development of a development system. Emotions can now be relieved and discounted rewards and anonymous cash purchases will be available with unusual firearms.

Pebco Mobile players can also log in for the chance to win the Travel to Global Fall final at the PMCO 2019 Fall as part of the Global Treasure Hunt Challenge for a prize pool of 10 million.

If you’re looking for an update to Royal Pass Season 9, you should know that the update launches on September 12th through the Google Play Store and App Store for Apple devices. Your device will need 0.2 GB of space for the update, which is why you need some space before downloading your device. Season 9 content will be available starting September 13th.

However, the biggest update coming to Pubg Mobile is the 0.15.0 update, which will bring a much longer wait for payload mode. Under Payload mode, you’ll see the new gameplay mode under the Arcade section. The purpose of the gameplay mode is to give players the chance to fight against each other via helicopters and rocket launchers.

Patch Notes 0.14.

The Royal Pass is about the path of the Season 9 fighters.

And the Global Treasure Hunt is waiting for you with a prize pool of US $ 1 million!

Improvements to the Royal Pass:
1. Added a timer that shows the count in the new season.
2. Ask your friends for a pass up to 7 days before the season starts.
3. Upgrade to Royal Pass to get the custom sharing page.
The. Missions and rating pages have been redesigned.

Other improvements:
1. Added weekly mission crate reminders.
2. Achievement China Progress is now available.
General Chat Chat Lounge The lobby no longer shows abandoned vehicles.

And more:
1. The emoticons can now be removed.
2. Buy UC to get great rewards and discounts on rare fireworks.
Patch Notes 0.14.0.
New Features

New infection mode and map. Play like a zombie!

1. New Character System – Unlock More Appearance and Abilities!

2. Pirate’s Main Menu Theme, and the Million Dollar World’s Treasure Hunt!

Pubg Mobile News Royal. Re-Closing Popular Items in Royal Pass Season 8!

Important Updates.

1. The mode of infection.

A) Asymmetrical PVP mode at the beginning of the match, where players are divided into zombie and defense parts.

b) Defenders have firearms, but zombies can only use turbulent attacks and abilities. The zombie can survive after being killed, while the guards will become zombies.

C) If all the guards are in the infection, the zombies win. And if at least 1 is saved in defensive time, the defenders win.

D) Players can customize zombie form controls and instant chat.

E) The infection can be played in room mode.

New Character System:

a) Vector skills reduce SMG reload time. His expertise in Eve Ground does not affect the balance in a classic way.

A) Victor has special organizations, in which Legendary Victoria is the best. Combine material and surface to capture individual emotions and sounds.

D) Raise Victor’s level by playing in matches. For each level there are reward rewards and special rewards: MVP results at level 10 (maximum). Get high levels of Premium Character Crates XP with rare rewards.

3. Pirate Main Menu Theme and World Treasure Hunt.

A) Finding hidden treasures matches Finding treasures during matches. Collect gold, silver, and bronze bricks to redeem the rewards.

B) World Treasure Hunt:

1. Divide into 4 stages, each with its own map.

2. Unlock Mission Crete by completing 1 mission.

3. Unlock the stage crate by completing 7 or more missions in one step.

4. Complete all 56 missions to unlock the ultimate prize.

5. Complete the step-by-step mission to join the lucky draw and win the PMCO Travel Fund. There are 10 winners for each stage.

Ios Update

Back. Background downloads included in iOS.
IOS players can now download updates and change the app in the background.

Underwear. Android Resource Pack: Reduce the size of the Android installation package and add a new resource pack, which contains some rarely used resources that are displayed with the placeholder icon until the pack is downloaded.

6. Daily Mission System Update:
a) Reduce the number of missions and upgrade rewards.
B) Daily missions are randomly issued in addition to login missions. Players can go to other random missions in the pool 3 times a day.

7. Level V and Rewards increased for some achievements.

Improvements and bug fixes.

1. Performance and compatibility

A. iOS platform adjusting thread scheduling, reducing power consumption and heating of some iOS devices.

B. Easy to drive or drive.

C. When multiple players enter the final circle, the firing flow improves.

D. Have a smooth experience when other players and airdrop appear.

E. Classic mode runs more smoothly on some low-end devices.

F. Backpacks now open fast on some low-end devices.

G. Items can now be picked up and equipped quickly on some low-end devices.

H. Seamless experience in Team Diet Match mode.

I. Improved effects of airstrikes on low-end devices.

New Update Patch

2. Inventory UI is now more user-friendly.

3. Outfits: When new outfits conflict with lace outfits, new outfits are not displayed in old clothing.

4. Improved Shop Views: New backgrounds, new lighting effects, adjustable camera angles, highlighting the display for greater depth and texture.

ARMORY VISUALS Improved: Extra halo, modified scenes, fireworks display heavy and realistic, highlighting the weapon’s display effect.

6. Portable Wardrobe: When the players stop tapping the icon, the UI will be broken. Added “Undo changes” icon to restore previous organizations with one tap.

7. Luckily the spin and crate opening experience has improved.

8. Better rating background to match visuals overall.

9. Improved team and friend interface. Players can now see the avatar of friends on the main menu. The Friends button will pop up only when the players’ team Pubg Mobile News is ready.

11. Shop / Supply Style: New background, adjustable icon design, information display and button placement. Please note the changes.

12. Fixed climbing bugs

13. Fixed a bug where the character models were stuck in the buildings.

14. Fixed a bug where the zombie stuck to the walls in survival mode.

15. A bug has been fixed where the linked social account can’t change the avatar.

16. A bug has been fixed where bag models were not displayed correctly in the main menu.

17. Fix an icon on the tribal page where the alias is misplaced.See More

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